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Andrew J. Leibovitz, Attorney at Law

Andrew is a New Jersey Disability lawyer, located in Marlton New Jersey, who will act as a liaison between you and the Social Security Administration. He will provide a thorough evaluation of your claim. As your disability lawyer and representative, he will assist you to complete all paperwork and help you persuade the Social Security Administration that you meet their guidelines. He represents clients with Social Security and Disability claims in both the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas.

New Jersey Social Security Disability Income


SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) - Information about eligibility for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits in New Jersey. This page includes a section on the New Jersey Social Security Disability application process. Adrew Leibovitz has been representing clients as their disability lawyer for many years and is a specialist in New Jersey SSDI and SSI law.

Fees and Costs for NJ Social Security Benefit Cases

A common question we receive relates to what your disability lawyer will charge you. Mostly fees are based on "past due benefits" where you only pay if you win benefits. More information on Fees and Expenses on this page. Note that you will not be charged a fee unless we win your case and you collect benefits.


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Resources and Useful Links

The law firm of Andrew Leibovitz is small and highly personalized. As an extension of our services to our clients we have listed some usefull resourses to further aid and educate you. For your convenience we have listed some Social Security Disability related web sites.

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Andrew Leibovitz is a New Jersey Disability Lawyer who represents clients in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas

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