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For most Social Security Benefit cases, attorney's fees are based on "past due benefits". So, in most cases, the fee is 25% of the past due benefits you are owed up to a maximum set forth by the Social Security Administration.

TAKE NOTE: your social security disability lawyer only gets paid if you win benefits and there is NO fee if the lawyer does not win. Therefore, anyone can afford a social security lawyer in his or her disability claim. Because the attorney only gets paid if he wins, you can expect him to do his best to win.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns about how this works or your ability to pay. Again, we understand that most clients cannot pay an attorney fee if we do not win, so our fee is contingent on winning in most cases. Read more about Social Security Claims in New Jersey on our resources page


We will ask you to reimburse us for costs of acquiring medical records, and for whatever your doctor(s) charge for writing reports to help us win your claim. The expenses will be due whether or not we win your claim. If we have to go into Federal Court (which most cases do not have to do), there will be a filing fee to pay of $150 unless you qualify for a fee waiver with a "Paupers Affidavit".


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